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τα Παιδικα Γλεντια μιλουν και...ΑΓΓΛΙΚΑ!!

Εαν ειστε αγγλοφωνη οικογενεια ή εχετε καλεσμενα παιδακια που δε μιλουν Ελληνικα, εχετε τη δυνατοτητα να μου ζητησετε να γινει το παρτυ English!! :)

 Welcome to “Paidika Glentia”-Kids’ parties!!!

Let me introduce myself by saying a few words about me….

My name is Fotini and I have graduated from the Early Childhood Education Department in Athens.
Since then, I have worked in several daycares, both public and private, with preschool-aged children.
I have also gained valuable experience working as a camp leader for six years, coaching large groups of children aged 5 to 10 years old.
From early on, I have been interested in music and dance.
I have studied the accordion for eight years(ASK FOR THE MUSIC PROGRAMME WITH THE ACCORDION FOR YOUR PARTY!!) and I have acquired sufficient knowledge of the flute and the piano. 

My work experiences so far have led me to gain useful and constructive
understanding on how to be around children.
I am constantly seeking professional growth
and I always make it a priority to pursue seminars and presentations on the latest developments
in regards to preschool education and early childhood development.

And this is how «Paidika Glentia» began….

Having been around large groups of young children daily,
I am aware of the kids’ needs for movement and pleasure very well.
I always keep these needs and desires in mind when organizing children’s parties. 

It’s important to mention here that not all parties are alike.
Games and activities are never chosen randomly,
but after careful thought of the interests and the requests of the target age group.
The participation of the children during the group activities at a party is a top priority,
without of course being compulsory.
My goal is for the children to gain the most (educationally and emotionally)
from the various group activities they engage in.

These are some of the activities that children can encounter
during a “Paidiko Glenti”:

• Amusing and entertaining group games 

 (indoors and outdoors)
• Funny stories and hilarious jokes
• Dancing
• Songs accompanied by various musical instruments
• Theatrical presentations and games
• Puppet shows
• Face painting
• Balloon activities and decorations

But if you wish for something more special and unusual,
the following activities can also be included in the party…

• Impressive crafts with sponges that stick together
• A great accordion concert
( very much in demand amongst children and grown-ups)
• Water-colour painting for young artistic children
• Arts and crafts made of plato or pasta.A

During a child’s party, I can also dress-up to create a special fairytale atmosphere:
The costumes readily available are:

• Minne Mouse
• Princess Bella
• Patty-Antonella
• Butterfly or Fairy
• Ballerina
• Hawaiian girl/ Flower girl
• Pirate girl

You can view all my costumes under the label “Οι στολές μου”:here! (click "here")

With an extra charge of 10Euros
I can also have access to the following costumes:

• Tinkerbell
• Peter Pan
• Donald Duck
• Smurfs
• Gummy Bear
• Little Red Riding Hood
• Winnie the Bear
• Disney Princesses ( Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel)
• Elf
• Santa Claus
• Cowboy/Indian

• If interested in one of these costumes, I first check for availability
and then I reserve the one you wish for.

If I am not available for your party, 
I can send you another girl, 
from a very good team of Paidika Glentia,
which I really trust!
You can see all the girls here!(click "here":)

• I am open to any suggestions regarding the theme
of your child’s birthday party or event.
• There is no extra charge for my costumes, face painting and balloon creations.
Thank you!

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